The National University will start from 4 pm today.

Waiting ...
The National University will start from 4 pm today.

Applicant's due:

 Of course you will need to apply to shops that can work online at computers.

 Do not give your roll and registration number to anyone else. Many older brothers on Facebook will show the role of humanity and demand roll registration. Don't forget. There is no shortage of people to harm in Bangladesh
 You will be taken with a transparent picture for the application.

 What will be the choice of the subject from the house, decide which item to put first, then go to the store.

 The code will be the number you give at the end of the application. Save the code.

 One wrong decision means one year tension free. Every time I say in this post, those whose results are bad, do not apply to good colleges.

Do not put the subject that you do not read first on the list. Of course, apply first or else you will face many problems. 2. Find out all the information about the college you want to attend. A) What will be the cost in 5 years? B) What is the environment like? C) What is the scope of the facility? D) Will you be able to travel or stay? E) the minimum number of points previously admitted (this is very important)


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